Grow Fit, Grow Strong

Participate in a healthy activity.

Learn to exercise safely.

Gain confidence.

Make fitness fun.

Join a community.

Recipe For Success...


Create and maintain a fit lifestyle, we approach fitness as fun, necessary, and something all youth should incorporate into their daily life.


Classes are capped to maintain a strict coach to athlete ratio. We pride ourselves on ensuring your child is in a safe environment with a vast amount of attention devoted to their form and experience.

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The Main Line CrossFit Kids program is more than a workout; it's a way of life. We'll continue to support your kids as they grow to make Fitness and Exercise fun.

Meet Our CrossFit Kids Director...

Coach Steph

In June 2013, Steph visited her brother on Long Island and he convinced her to join him in this “crazy new workout” he was trying. One WOD and she was hooked. She was registered at CFML before she was back in PA and now is a staple at the box. Ten years ago, Steph made a serious commitment to her health – she lost over 120 pounds and has successfully maintained her healthy lifestyle. She has run many races including full and half marathons, and competes in as many CrossFit competitions as she can. Steph lives in Havertown with her husband, Brendan, and her 3 awesome (and active!) kids: Brooke, Lucy and Liam. Steph has a lot of experience in coaching kids of all ages. She’s been the coach for track, lacrosse, softball and dance. Whether you are working out next to Steph or competing against her, there is never a shortage of laughs or one liners. She loves to encourage people and is a sucker for CrossFit success stories.

Make fitness fun for the whole family!

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